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If you are visiting our church for the first time


Before worship, fill out a simple visit card at the information desk and follow the guide's guidance to attend the worship service at a reserved seat.

Afterwards, you will be introduced to the new family welcome time.


After the worship, you will have a lunch with the pastors at the fellowship room to greet each others.


From the second week, you will be assigned to an appropriate cell under the guidance of the Barnabas team, who serves as a helper of new comers, to help you adjust to the church. You will also be introduced to teachers who will be in charge of your children. 


After that, when you complete the new family gathering held which carried out every 3-4 months, you will be officially registered as a member of the church.


If you are visiting the church for the first time or have any questions about church registration, please contact the Ministry of New Family. 

​(Inquiry: XXX New Family Manager, XXX-XXX-XXXX) 

​What is a new family gathering?

This program is an orientation meeting to introduce the pastoral vision of Gethsemane Church and present the gospel. Through a total of 4 weeks of training, it was created with the purpose of helping new believers to accept Jesus and to help new believers know the church. This training starts every Sunday 1 PM

​Online Application for Visiting the Church

Please fill out the following information if you want to visit the church. We will contact you as soon as possible

Thanks for submitting!

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