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​ What is the vision of Gethsemane Church?

From the past to the present, Gethsemane Church in New York has been continuing its ministry centered

on the Korean community. But! After the outbreak of the Corona virus in December 2019, the Gethsemane's believers have made a firm decision to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people around the world, regardless of race and culture, and now we are planning to expand into a diaspora missionary community that spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world.


Based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, you will receive systematic education in the teachings of the pastors who have expertise in all the contents of the Bible! Through this, you will be able to better receive and eat the words given during worships.


All members of the church should devote themselves to prayer. This is an essential condition for solid growth as the Lord's community. Prayer is communication with God. This means that we have to do two-way communication with the Lord that meets the requirements of P . R. A. Y rather than one-way communication. 


Only when your family is rightly staying in Jesus Christ can they also continue a healthy life of faith in the church. If you are living different lives at church and in your family's house, start family worship right now! you can find detailed information about 'family worship' in the resource room on the menu of the church website


Church members gather in their departments and groups to conduct small group worship under the guidance of the leaders. During this cell meeting, members' opinions will be collected and the results of sessions will be reflected in the church policy and the future plans of the church.


For more information on the QT process, you can get it by accessing 'QT Sharing' located on the menu link on the church website. By reading Bible verses every day and putting these words of God into our lives, we can have the power to start a new day! You can get the driving force of your life. 


Our church is oriented toward offline worship. However, in unavoidable circumstances, we are providing meetings and education through Zoom or YouTube to our church members. 

Through Online Meetings, we continue to keep in touch with missionaries residing abroad and with children of the mission field who the church is supporting.


책 공개 시험

  Esther Kim

“The future of the church, which we should all pursue, is beyond the judgment of the world. It is only through forming a community that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. The New York Gethsemane Church is keeping it with zeal. 
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